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SJC E-Learning Portal

The SJC E-Learning portal is an online tool to assist students, teachers, and parents with the logistics of teaching and learning at the College.  It also allows parents to access and monitor their student's performance(s) at any given time during the school year.

This milestone supports SJC's continuous efforts to provide and equip its students with the modern ways of learning and to help prepare them when stepping out in the world where technology is now playing a great part.  We encourage students to utilize this portal for the purpose it was built for.  Can also enjoy learning from the comforts of their home in the event of a lockdown due to a State of Emergency declaration.

Only authorized users such as Teachers, students, and parents, of the college will be registered and given an account and log-in credentials from the college to use the facility.

E-Learning Benefits

Teachers' preparation of resources for teaching will be made easier and centralized as all assignments/homework will be made available on the portal.  It is also an eco-friendly and time-efficient option compared to print-out resources. 

The portal will help the teachers to keep track of their student’s progress.  It will also offer other services such as setting course work, recording student attendance, and timetables to name a few.  

Students can access their study materials, timetable, and course work from anywhere at any time online.   Submission of assignments/homework, obtaining their grades, and teachers' feedback will be made easier.  The portal also offers one on one student and teacher discussion on any queries remotely.  Other information that a student needs such as a timetable, school fees, and all admission details are readily available on the portal.

Parents will be able to monitor their students' school performance at their fingertips/remotely.  This is by accessing up-to-date information on the portal such as their teacher's grading, assessments, and attendance.   The portal also offers services to ease school fees payment and for other inquiries.

Also available for the college are live zoom and GMEET online classes if needed during any SOE lockdowns or whenever it's necessary as the college sees fit.  Furthermore, a lot more modules are there to be used for educational purposes and importantly, complete management for all parties involved.

Our College

St. Josephs College was the first secondary school to be established in Samoa.  It was set up by the Marist Brothers in February 1950 in Mulivai, until it moved to Lotopa a decade later due to limited space to extend the school to cater for its increasing school roll.  Lotopa was a seven-acre estate and was further inland compare to Mulivai at the Apia Harbour.  With hard work and determination, the Brothers and students managed to turn the seven-acre estate into a school compound and a sports field.

The moving did not end there because of the increasing number of students registered Marist Brothers had to move again to its current location Alafua.  Its home today has two-story buildings with classrooms on the top and ground floors.  It also has science labs and fields for its agriculture subject practical work.  The school also has its own Chapel, three full rugby sports fields, two tennis courts, a multipurpose hall with a mezzanine floor for the Marist Old Boys Club, and a two-story building for Marist Brother's accommodation.