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20th of August 2021, a great day for all the Samoan Schools Champ of Champs. The atmosphere was filled with excitement in the presence of all the Samoan colleges coming together to compete for the athletics finals as anticipated every year. Apia Park stadium was full especially with all the supporters who came to support as ex-college representatives and importantly, as family relatives to the athletes and regular supporters for athletics.

Cheer-ups from all schools were heard from everywhere around the park from all schools supporting their athletes taking part in the track and field events. A lot of laughter and the spirit of the day resonated throughout.



For St Joseph’s College (SJC), it was an opportunity to embrace and achieve their competitive standards in athletics, to honour our school motto is, “STRIVE FOR THE BEST”. in whatever we do. Importantly, to maintain high standards in spiritual development, academic success, cultural understanding, sporting skills, and behaviour. In addition, achieving and supporting our values and the five pillars of our college tradition of presence, simplicity, love of work, family spirit, and Mary's way.

This is our Marist Way, or commonly referred to as the “Marist Spirit”.

Our SJC Athletes showed remarkable performances and techniques, especially on the track. It was impressive to note the class level performances shown in their discipline towards preparation, competition, as well as in the completion of each event. What was more remarkable and eye-catching to everyone present, was their mutual relationship with the athletes from other schools sharing the glory in victory and grace in defeat.

After the successful Champ of Champs, SJC took home the trophies for two divisions, Intermediate and Seniors for the boys. Our Junior boys placed 4th in their level.

A big congratulations to all the supporters of current and ex-students of SJC, our Principal, Br. Afaese and teachers, and most importantly, our victorious SJC athletes and Coaches. As the late Le Mamea Teofilo would have said, “SJC, I am still sitting on my pride!”. The feeling is mutual for all of us in the Marist Spirit and we are all so proud of the overall achievement by our Athletics team.




This E-Learning Portal was an idea developed and put together by the Form 6 Class of 1997 as a school project.  It was their way of giving back to the school.  

The portal is an online tool to assist students, teachers and parents with the logistics of teaching and learning at the College.  It also allows parents to access and monitor their child’s or children’s performance(s) at any given time during the school year.



This milestone supports St. Joesph’s College’s continuous efforts to provide and equip its students with the modern ways of learning and to help prepare them when stepping out in the world where technology is now playing a great part.  We encourage students to utilize this portal for the purpose it was built for.  Can also enjoy learning from the comforts of their home in the event of a lockdown due to a State of Emergency declaration.

Only authorised users such as Teachers, students, and parents, of the college will be registered and given an account and log in credentials from the School, for the utilisation of the E-Learning Facility.


Teachers’ preparation of resources for teaching will be made easier and centralized as all assignments/homework will be made available on the portal.  It is also an eco-friendly and time efficient option compared to print out resources.  The portal will help the teachers to keep track of their student’s progress.  It will also offers other services such as setting course work, recording student attendance and timetables to name a few.

Students can access their study materials, timetable and course work from anywhere at any time online.   Submission of assignments/homeworks, obtaining their grades and teachers feedback will be made easier.  The portal also offers one on one student and teacher discussion on any queries remotely.  Other information that a student needs such as timetable, school fees and all admission details are readily available on the portal.

Parents will be able to monitor their children’s school performance at their fingertips/remotely.  This is by accessing up to date information on the portal such as their teacher’s grading and assessments and attendance.   The portal also offers services to ease of school fees payment and for other enquiries.



St. Joseph’s College was the first secondary school to be established in Samoa.  It was set up by the Marist Brothers in February 1950 in Mulivai, until it moved to Lotopa a decade later due to limited space to extend the school to cater for its increasing school roll.  Lotopa was a seven acre estate and was further inland compare to Mulivai at the Apia Harbour.  With hard work and determination the Brothers and students managed to turn the seven acre estate into a school compound and a sport field.


The moving did not end there because of the increasing number of students registered Marist Brothers had to move again to its current location Alafua.  Its home today has two-storey buildings with classrooms on the top and ground floors.  It also has science labs and field for its agriculture subject practical work.  The school also has its own Chapel, three full rugby sports fields, two tennis courts, a multipurpose hall with a mezzanine floor for the Marist Old Boys Club, and a two storey building for Marist Brothers accommodation.

To have Marist Brothers'  schools that are learning instituitions of excellence based on Marist Spirituality.
To achieve this, parents caregivers, teachers, students, and administrators will work together to provide a variety of experiences where the young people will grow to understand and live by the values to which is the key to to spirital belief, cultural understanding , academic excellence, sporting success and human growth.
To promote a holistic approach to teaching and learning amongst the Marist Brothers' Schools, with emphasis on the values of Jesus Christ and the Marist Spirit, to enhance good character, integrity, leadership and excellence academically, spiritually, physically, and culturally.
Personal responsibility, truth, respect, honesty, and trust, are the core values to life that young people need to develop to achieve this.



The Marist Brothers are the owners of St Joseph's College.  They are a religious order in the Catholic Church, founded in France in the year 1817 for the purpose of providing Catholic education to young people anywhere in the world who need their help.  The order was founded by St Marcellin Champagnat who sent the first brothers in the Pacific in 1836.  When the Catholic Church arrived in Samoa in 1845, the first group of missionaries were of a Marist and a Marist Brother.


Our Badge


Our Motto

Our college motto is, "Tausisi i mea Aupito Lelei" or "Strive for the Best".

“Tausisi i Mea Aupito Lelei” is simply translated into “Strive for Excellence” which has been the driving force behind the school achievements both in Academia and Sports.  We see this in current and past students of the school and particularly the ‘Sipili Malisi’ or ‘Marist Spirit’, which is one aspect that makes St. Joseph’s College unique from other colleges in Samoa.  The Marist Spirit is simply working together as ‘brothers’ to achieve greatness by putting aside any differences, positions or ranking in communities, and just come together in one spirit – Marist Spirit. 

The Cross

A symbol of our catholic nature and to remind us of Jesus Christ.

The Letter "M"

Reminds us of the role of Mary.  It is the old symbol of the Marist Brothers.

The Carpenter's tools

Reminds us of St Joseph the worker, the patron of the college who brought up the young boy Jesus.

The Book

Represents the learning we are to do and the gospel that teaches us of Jesus Christ.

The Fue

A symbol of Samoa and our language, culture, and traditions.

Family Spirit

The culture of the college.  This is symbolised on the badge because Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, are the models of our relationship with each other.




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