History of St Joseph's College

The College began in 1950 on the property of Marist Brothers Mulivai.  On the first day there were 19 pupils.  The original building that was erected for this purpose is now part of the Ace of Clubs.

Because of steady growth and a shortage of space, the College was moved to the site at Lotopa which is now the Marist St Joseph's Sports Club.  What is now the RLS primary school was St Joseph's College.

In 1989, the College moved to the present site at Alafua.  The property streched from Alafua road to the next road.  The Brothers sold what is now Don Bosco school to help pay for the first buildings at Alafua.



To have Marist Brothers'  schools that are learning instituitions of excellence based on Marist Spirituality.



To promote a holistic approach to teaching and learning amongst the Marist Brothers' Schools, with emphasis on the values of Jesus Christ and the Marist Spirit, to enhance good character, integrity, leadership and excellence academically, spiritually, physically, and culturally.


The College aims to maintain a very high standard in :

  1. Spiritual Development -- carring environment based on christian values.
  2. Academic Success -- foster an atmosphere for creativity and personal initiative.
  3. Cultural Understanding -- deepen and appreciation for beauty, goodness and truth.
  4. Sporting skills -- develop respect for self, others and individual differences.
  5. Behaviour -- challenging and responsible decision making in the service of the common good.

Why Choose Our College?

Marist education is based on the traditions established by St Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers.  There are 5 parts to this tradition known as The Five Pillars:



Being a witness to Gospel values.


Being honest and reliable.

Love of Work

Being willingly to do the work assigned to you as a student.

Family Spirit

Being treated and treating others as family members.

Mary's Way

Taking Mary as a model for our lives as she leads us to Jesus.


The Marist Way

At St Joseph's College, we speak of the Marist Way, the way things happen at school.  This includes the five pillars.