Academic Standards

Students are expected to do all schoolwork and to complete homework that is set.  Projects, assignments and Internal Assessments are essential parts of the learning process.  These are all to be completed by the date set by the teachers.

The other part of the college's academic development accepts visitations from :

  • Government departments (MNRE, MAF, MOH, Police, SQA,etc) and instituitions (NUS, USP, Faataua-Le-Ola,etc) encourage awareness amongst students.
  • Other collages both local and overseas to interact with students on various activities.

Exercise books are expected to be neat, tidy and well presented.  The date is to be in books as a way of showing the students' regular progress.  Parents need to regularly check the student's work so that they are well informed of the activities and learning that the students are involved in.

Year 12 will sit the Samoa School Certificate and year 13 will sit the Samoa Secondary Leaving Certificate exams.  In these two levels, parents need to be well informed on the requirements for these exams and to check progress.

All classes will sit exams at the end of terms two and four to which full reports will be written for the parents.